£700.00 exc. VAT
£3,627.00£5,319.00 exc. VAT


Snow Plough

£360.00£399.00 exc. VAT
£306.00£398.00 exc. VAT

Site Equipment

Low Level Skip

£755.00£1,023.00 exc. VAT
£1,525.00£1,845.00 exc. VAT
£8.00 exc. VAT

Popular Products

£510.00£860.00 exc. VAT
£100.00£120.00 exc. VAT
£1,328.00£2,103.00 exc. VAT


Handler Buckets

£750.00£1,680.00 exc. VAT
£468.00£580.00 exc. VAT


Dummy Carriage

£973.00£2,053.00 exc. VAT
£450.00£510.00 exc. VAT
£8.00 exc. VAT
£785.00£976.00 exc. VAT


Shear Grabs

£2,020.00£3,075.00 exc. VAT
£454.00£1,069.00 exc. VAT
£485.00£500.00 exc. VAT

Site Equipment

Crane Access Platform

£1,321.00 exc. VAT

4 Yard Open Skip

4 Yard Open Skip

£599.00 exc. VAT
£1,298.00£1,440.00 exc. VAT


Grain Pusher

£1,410.00£2,165.00 exc. VAT

6 Yard Open Skip

6 Yard Open Skip

£779.00 exc. VAT


Spiked Bale Grab

£1,815.00 exc. VAT




Foot Operated Hand Sanitisers

£119.00£130.00 exc. VAT

Site Equipment

Boat Skip

£499.00£819.00 exc. VAT


Efficient service and a great online ordering platform. Sometimes when you don’t have the chance to order in the day, being able to do it at night is useful and next day dispatch on a number of products keeps us going when we need it.

Andy / Site Manager

Having created a trade account, we can manage our orders easily online and allow our site managers to get what they need when they need it. This takes the pressure of our team freeing them up for other things.

David / Buyer

Being able to access our orders in real time ensures we can keep our account up to date and having a direct account manager to assist us if we need it is fantastic. Ordering online is still personal with TAG.

Sandra / Accounts

This is the first time we have used a full eCommerce platform, we normally do it over the phone, but with the support from the team at TAG we have found the ideal and most efficient solution for us as a business.

Nigel / Procurement

We buy everything else online, why not equipment and supplies? Great site guys, and your turnaround from order to delivery is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Simon / Builder

New products online every week, offers sent out to existing clients rather than just to attract new customers is also refreshing! Still being able to pick up the phone is also reassuring when using an online service.

Jess / Buyer

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